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At One Stop Wellness we are here to help you and your family to reach your health goals! We all want to be healthy…to live long and WELL. I am sure you can name many things that you could do that might help you to be healthier, but you certainly can’t do all of them… so which ones should you do? Utilizing our years of experience, we are here to help you end the confusion and get you on the right track to wellness. There are many ways you can utilize us!


At One Stop Wellness you can:

  • Ask a question about a natural health approach,
  • Use one of our services or purchase a product or supplement,
  • Seek care if you have a complicated health issue, or
  • Receive a comprehensive custom wellness plan.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Cara Iovino D.C.


dr. cara iovinoMy Mom is the reason I’m in Chiropractic. It’s quite ironic, because she was very against Chiropractic! After watching her suffer with acid reflux/ hiatial hernia for many years, and receive every possible medical treatment with no relief, my mother’s friend dragged her to a Chiropractor. Grudgingly and with great skepticism my mother started Chiropractic care. To her amazement her digestive issues cleared up! Even more surprising to her was the fact that she got her hearing back! (My mom had been deaf in one ear for many years!)So, it’s good to know, when something works, it works for skeptics too!

So I was 8 years old when my mom brought me to the Chiropractor. It changed my life. I had asthma and allergies. I spent most of the time on Chlortrimeton, Benadryl, antibiotics for bronchitis, and allergy shots. When I started Chiropractic care all that went away! I have not had allergy or asthma medication or shots since I was 8 years old! I used to be sick all the time; now I almost never do. I get to use my “time off” to go on vacation, visit family, and have fun! (Much better than being stuck in bed miserable!)

I am passionate about helping people to need less drugs and surgery, and to live better lives. My vision is of a world where all children get to grow up healthier because of Chiropractic care, healthy lifestyle choices, and natural health options…and, of course, the “grownups” get the benefit too!

Dr. Cara Iovino has a doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University and a B.S. in Life Sciences from the University of California at Los Angeles. She has studied nutrition and traditional health care from many cultures and has over 18 years of experience in her field. Dr. Cara has worked with holistic and medical specialists and is a leading authority on natural approaches to wellness. She is a highly sought after speaker in both corporate and community venues.

Dr. Cara specializes in weight management, injuries from accidents, pain and chronic health problems, spinal issues, headaches, and women’s health issues. She has advanced training in the care of athletes, children, and pregnant women. Having been in practice in Atlanta area for over 10 years, she has recently Opened One Stop Wellness in Roswell Georgia to further her vision of bring empowering health information and natural health options to the Atlanta area. Memberships/Associations: Georgia Council of Chiropractic, Speaker’s Round Table

Dr. Rhiannon Cramer D.C.


dr. rhiannon cramerI like to think that Chiropractic found me, not the other way around! I’ve always known I wanted to go into a profession that helped people and was originally drawn to teaching. I focused my undergraduate studies on becoming a Spanish teacher and my first students happened to be the children of a husband and wife Chiropractic team. I had never thought I might need to see a Chiropractor because I had never had neck pain, back pain, or headaches; but when they offered to adjust me I figured “why not?” After a few weeks of being adjusted I started to notice some big changes in my health but I didn’t understand why — my lactose intolerance had gone away, my menstrual cycles were regular for the first time, my doctor was able to take me off any prescriptions I was on. I started to become more and more curious about health through Chiropractic and the more I discovered and experienced, I knew I had to be a part of this in a bigger way! I’m excited to share the gift of health and healing with families in the Roswell area!

Dr. Rhiannon has a doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University and a B.S. in Spanish from Plattsburgh State University of New York. Dr. Rhiannon utilizes a variety of Chiropractic adjusting techniques including Upper Cervical Specific, Thompson, Activator Methods, and diversified.

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